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Mike Head Shot

Hi and welcome to my web site, Panoramas For Sale.

My name is Mike Andrew, I photographed all the images on this site so please enjoy and give me your feedback on the images that you see.

We only feature large format Panorama images that have been taken in various locations around the world as I travel.

I love the big prints these images provide, they really give you the impression of actually being with the photographer when the shot was taken.

They are what I saw when taking the shot, not just a 35mm version of the scene.

Make sure you check back often as I add new prints on a regular basis.

You can also visit our sister site www.mikeandrewphotography.com to see samples of my other  work.

I hope you enjoy this site and look forward to working with you when you buy your print from us.

Mike Andrew

Gold Coast

August 2014

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